Recruitment process

When you contact our recruitment team, we gather all the information required in order to assess your company's recruitment needs. Then, we will prepare a customized quote and we will call you so we could talk about any further questions or requirements that you might have.  When you are ready to sign a contract, we will send you a written agreement.  Once you have signed the contract, three teams begin to work.
The LMO team will guide you to process a positive Labour Market Opinion which is the government’s authorization  to hire foreign workers.
The Recruitment team starts to screen the workers abroad and then the recruiters in Canada perform another interview. The best candidates are presented to the employer for a video-conference interview.
Once the workers are selected by you, our Visa team starts to prepare the visa applications.
Certified Canadian Immigration Consultants supervise all the processes.
Some process are done simultaneously as the graphic below shows.

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