Our Workers

We source our workers from Jamaica, The Philippines, Mexico,Ecuador, Taiwan, Singapore and Fiji Islands. All our candidates have the experience and qualifications required by our clients. In the last six years with great success, we have placed hundreds of foreign workers in restaurants, hotels, manufactures, logistic companies, amusement parks, oil drills, construction companies, landscaping companies, retail stores, etc..

Our workers pass four screening processes in order to start working for you. All candidates are interviewed by our agencies abroad, our recruiters in Canada, the employers and finally the Canadian embassy revises all the documents, certificates and security information.

Since the opportunity to work in Canada improves significantly the quality of living of foreign workers and their families, they are very grateful and loyal to their employers. Most of our clients decide to renew their foreign worker's permit for 2 more years in order to complete the maximum time allowed to stay in Canada ( 4 years ). There are also cases where our other clients (employers) contact our certified immigration consultants to help their foreign workers obtain their permanent residence visas so they could stay in Canada indefinitely.

Our Fees
No obligation assessment, 100% free. In order to give you a quote we need to know number of workers, qualifications, and any special requirements. Feel free to call us in order to discuss your specific needs and give an idea of the current processing times or send us a message

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